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Ürün Tanımı

Original high performance push-pull connectors

Fully Flexible
Fully Flexible
  •  Any configuration or size
  •  Fully configurable to fulfill each or your needs
  •  Multi-polar, power, coax, fluid & mixed configurations available 
Easy Handling
  •  Patented push-pull locking for easy and quick operation
  •  Mechanical and color coding for easy identification
  •  Easy cable assembly
  •  High sealing performances for vacuum & under water applications
  •  Up to IP68/69
  •  Hermetic
  •  High temperature & chemical resistance
  •  Premium materials to resists most sterilization methods
  •  Marine grade applications

The Fischer Core Series offers high performance push-pull connectors and cable assembly solutions. With 60 years of continuous improvements, our product range includes over 20,000 standard circular connectors and offers highly customizable contact configurations. Rugged, reliable, sealed or hermetic, lightweight and compact. Fischer Core Series is trusted by technology-driven industries worldwide, from medical to military, from automotive to instrumentation equipment.