• DWM1004C Module

Ürün Tanımı

The DWM1004C module primarily targets TDoA tag applications requiring years of battery life and a compact design at an affordable price. Based on the DW1000 chipset, the DWM1004C offers high accuracy, real-time location capability with 6.8Mbps data rate. FCC and ETSI certified (pending), the DWM1004C is an ideal TDoA tag solution ready for production.

The DWM1004C is designed for applications requiring a cost effective TDoA Tag solution in systems similar to the TTK1000 product sold by Decawave. If you are new to the UWB world and interested in evaluating UWB technology and RTLS systems, please consider the MDEK1001 as an entry level product.

Target Applications

  • Factory 4.0
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Asset tracking for pallets, tools, boxes, etc.
  • Animal/livestock tracking
  • Medical equipment tracking in hospitals

To facilitate the development of your product based on the DWM1004C, Decawave also offers a development board.