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Product Features
  • Supports SATA to dual SATA III Port Multiplier
  • Supports H/W RAID 0/1 over SATA
  • Supports USB 2.0 to dual SATA III
  • Pin header for LED connection
  • 3 years warranty
  • Industrial design, manufacture in Innodisk Taiwan


Module NameE2SS-32R1
Module Type2.5” to Dual SATA III RAID Module
Form Factor2.5" SSD
Input I/FSATA III / USB 2.0
Output connectormSATA x 2, Pin Header 9Pin x 1
TDP2.45W (5V x 498mA)
Dimensions (W x L x H/mm)69.85 x 100 x 9.5
TemperatureOperation: STD temp: 0°~70°C 
Storage: -55°C ~ +95°C
EnvironmentVibration: 5G @7~2000Hz
Shock: 50G @ 0.5ms
Notes1. RAID Mode Setting:
RAID0: 2:2, RAID1: 1:2, PM: 1:1
2. Press tact switch SW1 for reset.

Order Information:

E2SS-32R1-C1Standard Temp.