• EA30 2D Scan Engines

Ürün Tanımı

The EA30 High Performance 2D Imager is particularly suited for scanning barcodes on the move. Even under the most dynamic conditions, the EA30 makes barcode scanning easier because it can read barcodes at up to 12.7 m/s (500 ips). The EA30 imager is rugged, too. It complies with the most stringent standards for shock and vibration, and can successfully operate within a wide temperature range.


  • Class-leading motion tolerance: Provides several times greater motion tolerance than standard 2D imagers and doesn’t require barcode alignment to achieve high read rates – a clear performance advantage.
  • Red continuous scanning line and highly visible pointer: Facilitates successful scans in total darkness and in full sunlight.
  • Corner framers: Make image capture and multi-code reading intuitive and comfortable.
  • Reads multiple codes in one scan and can also be used in auto-triggering mode.
  • Compact dimensions: Fits the tightest mechanical constraints for easier integration into your designs.
  • Easy transition for customers familiar with laser aimers or linear imager aimers.
  • Shares the same communication protocol with other Honeywell EA scan engines: Supports enhanced and integrated design efforts across multiple product platforms.
  • Future-proofed scanning capabilities: Captures images, signatures and reads 1D, 2D, composite and stacked codes, ensuring technology longevity, while providing immediate support for current industry standards.
  • Plug compatible with the ultra-compact Honeywell ED40 high performance decoder board, one of the smallest USB boards available: Provides outstanding performance in a very small footprint.

Potential Applications

Designed for scanning barcodes on the move, such as those found in:

  • Warehouse picking, sorting, tracking, manufacturing
  • Access control
  • Retail point-of-sale