• ECVQ-EK3

Ürün Tanımı

This ECVQ-EK3 evaluation Kit tests the SGX pellistors and/or the electro-chemical.
• Test an e2v electro-chemical toxic/oxygen sensor
• Test an e2v pellistor/thermal conductivity gas sensors:
        o Individual bead pairs
        o VQ500 series heads
        o VQ600 series heads
• Control the electro-chemical sensor bias voltage
• Control the pellistor bridge supply voltage
• Calibrate sensors based on a linear response and monitor gas concentration levels
• Set four alarm levels which drive on-board LEDs and open collector outputs.
• Drive two analogue outputs
• Connect additional circuits to an expansion port
• Log sensor outputs, concentrations and temperature readings using the PC Data Logging Program.
This Kit does not include sensors.

  • Part Number:ECVQ-EK3
  • Manufacturer:SGX Sensortech Limited
  • Status:Standard