• EX25 2D Scan Engine

Ürün Tanımı

Advancing the limits of scanning technology once again, this third generation EX25 imager features:

  • An increased read range of more than 30 percent
  • A wider optical angle for reading at close range
  • The ability to read 1D barcodes down to 3 mils
  • These enhancements significantly increase user productivity and provide a more satisfying, comfortable scanning experience. The versatile EX25 imager eliminates the need for multiple barcode optics in your OEM product. The EX25 imager also gets the job done in the most hostile environments. From total darkness to full sunshine, it’s ready to go, even while being exposed to a wide temperature range. And the EX25 imager complies with the most stringent standards for shock and vibration. With its breakthrough features, the EX25 imager provides users with the assurance that their investment is protected long-term, while providing immediate support for current industry standards.


    • World’s first auto-focusing 2D imager: Reads barcodes near and far, as close as 15 cm [6 in] to over 15 m [50 ft] away.
    • Full-range 2D scanning and image capture: Omnidirectional barcode reading and fast “aim and scan” operation improve operator comfort and satisfaction; also capable of high-resolution image capture.
    • Omnidirectional reading capability and highly visible laser pointer: Allows users to seamlessly transition between scanning objects near and far.
    • Supports 1D, stacked, composite and 2D matrix codes.
    • Rugged: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration and shock.
    • Easy to integrate: Compact dimensions and industry-standard connectivity simplify device integration.