• LM serisi

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Honeywell MCU (microcontroller unit) LCD (liquid crystal display) Hour Meters and Counters, LM Series, are sealed digital instruments designed to monitor and record elapsed running time, normally displayed in hours and tenths of hours. These devices are used to log running time of equipment or counts of equipment use for potential use in transportation applications to assure proper maintenance of expensive machines or systems, as well as warranty claims and rental-use tracking. This maintenance typically involves replacing, changing, or checking parts, belts, filters, oil, and lubrication of heavy duty equipment, or running condition of engines, motors, and blowers, to name a few.

These devices can feature up to a 40-year memory data retention (without power) to provide customers with a long data retention capability within their desired application. The large 7 mm display eases readability and offers backlight options and a running indicator. Sealing to IP67 (front)/IP66 (rear) designed to provide enhanced durability. The hour meter also features a long reset time to offer customers the protection against malfunction of reset.

The LM Series offers customization options including the customer’s logo, Honeywell logo, or a black face, as well as numerous customizable bezel options.