• LTPJ245

Ürün Tanımı

  • Max. printing speed: 75mm/sec
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Front open mechanism with latch function

*1 Use recommended thermal papers. *2 Excluding protrusion.
PrintingMethodThermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line384
Resolution (dots/mm)8
Paper width (mm)58+0-1
Printing width (mm)48
Speed (mm/sec) max75
Paper pathStraight
DetectionHead temperatureBy thermistor
Out of paperBy photo interrupter
Power supply (V)Operation voltage (Vdd)3.0 to 3.6
Operation voltage (Vp)5.5 to 9.5
Peak current (A)Head2.49 (9.5V / 45dots)
Service LifePulse activation (pulse)100 million
Abrasion resistance (km)50*1
Operating temperature (˚C)-10 to 50
Dimensions (W×D×H mm)68.5 × 36.5 × 22.0*2
Mass (g)Approx. 38