• N8600 Series 2D Scan Engines

Ürün Tanımı

A superior, best-in-class, high-resolution scan engine is now available with the N8600 Series of high megapixel, miniature, area imaging engines. The N8600 Series engine integrates high-density camera technology with our Adaptus 6.0 imaging platform for applications where scanning single or multiple high-density barcodes is required.

The N8600 Series provide a superior, high-resolution imaging solution by embedding CMOS sensors with up to five million pixels inside. This fully integrated imaging and decoding system helps integrators benefit from both excellent system performance and convenient, low-profile packaging.

The N8600 Series continues to expand the use of our highly regarded imaging platform, the Adaptus 6.0. This platform delivers the highest standards of barcode and OCR reading performance with unmatched speed and accuracy. And Adaptus 6.0 leads the industry in its ability to decode hard-to-read barcodes.

Thanks to its strong, durable IP6x engine design, the N8600 Series engines work in the harshest environments. Backed by Honeywell’s expert OEM integration support team, and proven quality and reliability, the N8600 Series delivers tremendous value to OEM integrators and their customers by providing a best-in-class data capture solution, reducing development investment, and decreasing total ownership costs.


  • Superior, high-density scans: With a high-resolution, five megapixel sensor, the WA version can achieve finer details with 2.5 mil (1D) and 5 mil (2D) barcodes; offers the best HD resolution without sacrificing depth of field performance on industry standard labels (EAN-13/100% UPC).
  • Faster time to market: Fully system-integrated optics and decoding system, with low profile packaging, make it easier to design in.
  • Small size, yet durable: Imager has a lower failure rate, which means less maintenance spent across the end user’s product life.

Potential Applications

Designed for those that require scanning single or multiple high-density barcodes, such as pharmacy, industry automation, and banking.