• RiEPD-29-BRW
  • RiEPD-29-BRW
  • RiEPD-29-BRW
  • RiEPD-29-BRW
  • RiEPD-29-BRW

Ürün Tanımı

A Riverdi 2.9″ Smarttag e-paper display intended for smart labeling solutions. The integrated NFC control, and an android based system, the application user can very efficiently build systems and devices.

The 296×129 resolution provides crisp and clear images, while the NFC module and antenna provide wireless communication with mobile devices. This display has red and black pigments.

A custom mobile application was developed specially for this series.

The perfect solution for smart tagging

The RiEPD-29-BRW is a high-quality 2.9’’ Electronic Paper Display (EPD) – the perfect solution for smart tagging. These displays could easily become electronic shelf labels. They are perfectly suited for this kind of smart retail: they are cost efficient, have low-energy consumption, reliable, and easily updated.  

An advanced power management system allows using the RiEPD-29-BW for years without any battery replacements. Proven lifetime is up to 5-years when updated 5-times per day or up to 9000 refreshments!

The display replicates the look of ink on real paper. The PCB is equipped with additional pads which can be used for soldering a rectangular connector for an external power source.

It is designed to be powered with 3V CR2016 battery.

For more information about the RiEPD-29-BW see the documentation section.

Mobile Application

With our application, you can easily convert graphics from popular image formats like *.bmp, *.jpg, or *.png to the bitmaps which can be uploaded to the module through the NFC protocol.

The mobile application can be downloaded and installed from the Android Play Store free of charge.

The application is supported by Android devices supplied with NFC modules and Operating System version 5.0 or higher.

E-paper display

The two most popular advantages of an e-paper display are that it reflects light from the environment, making it easy to read even in direct sunlight and that it only consumes power when the content on it is changing.

E-paper displays are extremely energy efficient. They can run for months on a single battery.

It’s perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor systems – from shelf labels in stores to traffic signs, and restaurant menus.

Ürün Detayları

  • Controller: None
  • Interface: -
  • Resolution: 296x129
  • Size: 2.9"
  • Touch Screen: None

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