• SEK002

Ürün Tanımı

Evaluates the ABP Series (digital versions only) and MPR Series Board Mount Pressure Sensors; Honeywell HumidIcon™ Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors: HIH6100 Series, HIH6000 Series, HIH7000 Series, HIH8000 Series, HIH9000 Series; HPM Series Particle Sensors.

The SEK002 has sockets and solder pads to receive the following compatible sensors. All sensors are sold separately. Only one sensor may be evaluated at a time.

  • ABP Series Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors
    • High accuracy, compensated/amplified, liquid media capable
    • Digital output versions only
    • DIP, SMT, leadless SMT packages: SPI, I2C output
    • 60 mbar to 10 bar | 6 kPa to 1 MPa | 1 psi to 150 psi
  • MPR Series MicroPressure Board Mount Pressure Sensors
    • Compact, high accuracy, compensated/amplified
    • Leadless SMT packages: SPI, I2C (leadless SMT mounted on breakout board)
    • ±40 mbar to ±2.5 bar | ±4 kPa to ±250 kPa | ±0.6 psi to ±30 psi
  • HumidIcon Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensors
    • Series:
      • HIH6000 Series: ±4.5 %RH accuracy, ±0.5°C temperature accuracy
      • HIH6100 Series: ±4.0 %RH accuracy, ±0.5°C temperature accuracy
      • HIH7000 Series: ±3.0 %RH accuracy, ±0.5°C temperature accuracy
      • HIH8000 Series: ±2.0 %RH accuracy, ±0.5°C temperature accuracy
      • HIH9000 Series: ±1.7 %RH accuracy, ±0.3°C temperature accuracy
    • SOIC-8 packages: SPI, I2C output
    • SIP packages: I2C output
  • HPM Series Particle Sensors
    • UART output
    • A specialized Honeywell cable (32332297-001) is required

The SEK002 board is then plugged in as a shield board to the user-provided Arduino™ Uno Rev3 board. Jumpers allow the user to select the sensor to be used, supply voltage and interface (I2C, UART or SPI).