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The VQ21T Series is available with a number of options.
  • Standard 13/0.2 mm flexible leads
  • Solid 0.5 mm leads for PCB mounting
  • Modified for superior performance in the presence of hydrogen or other very reactive gases.
  • The variants are identified by adding suffices added to the basic type number

When ordering, the full type number with suffices must be used.

                                  Flexible         PCB          Hydrogen
Type Number         leads            legs               mods.
VQ21T                        *
VQ21TB                                             *
VQ21TS                     *                                               *
VQ21TSB                                          *                       *

  • Part Number:VQ21TSB
  • Manufacturer:SGX Sensortech Limited
  • Status:Standard
  • Sensor Type:Catalytic Bead
  • Type:Pellistor Pair
  • Supply Voltage:2
  • Supply Current:300
  • Certifications:None
  • Leads:Solid Wire
  • Can Type:Pin Hole Compensator

Ürün Detayları

  • Can Type: Pin Hole Compensator
  • Certifications: None
  • Leads: Solid Wire
  • Sensor Type: Catalytic Bead
  • Supply Current (mA): 300
  • Supply Voltage (V): 2
  • Type: Pellistor Pair

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