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The VQ600 Series is designed for use as an integral part of a fixed gas detection system. The head comprises a stainless steel flameproof enclosure constructed with an integral stainless steel sinter which allows the safe entry of the atmosphere being tested.

Designed for fixed gas detection systems
Diffused gas sampling
Accessories available
Rugged construction
LEL and % volume monitoring
Three thread options available
ATEX certified II 2G Ex d IIC T5 Gb (Ta = -20 to +60 C)
CSA certified - File 107498

Sensing heads should be ordered by the full part number VQ6xxyy/z

xx = the numeric part of the part number of the pellistor fitted, with leading zero where appropriate;

yy = the alpha part of the part number of the pellistor fitted, but omitting any letter, such as B, which defines the leg type of the pellistor;

z = a code defining the cap thread (see Mounting Options).

  • Part Number:VQ6xxyy/z
  • Manufacturer:SGX Sensortech Limited
  • Status:Standard
  • Sensor Type:Catalytic Bead,Explosion Proof Housing,Thermal Conductivity
  • Type:"ANP (Taper) %BD"" - 14 NPT","ANP (Taper) %BE"" - 14 NPT",20 mm x 1.5 mm,Pellistor Pair
  • Supply Voltage:2.5
  • Supply Current:330
  • Certifications:CSA, Ex,None
  • Leads:Cable,Solid Wire
  • Sensor:VQ1,VQ21T,VQ21TS,VQ22T,VQ23,VQ25,VQ3,VQ31,VQ35,VQ41TS,VQ6
  • Can Type:Explosion Proof,Closed Compensator

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  • Can Type: Explosion Proof
  • Certifications: Ex, CSA
  • Leads: Cable
  • Sensor: VQ3, VQ21T, VQ41TS, VQ35, VQ31, VQ25, VQ22T, VQ23, VQ21TS, VQ6, VQ1
  • Sensor Type: Catalytic Bead, Explosion Proof Housing, Thermal Conductivity
  • Supply Current (mA): 330, 300, 100, 55, 90, 175, 335
  • Supply Voltage (V): 2,5, 2, 4,2, 3,5
  • Type: "ANP (Taper) %BD"" - 14 NPT", "ANP (Taper) %BE"" - 14 NPT", 20 mm x 1.5 mm

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