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The SGX VQ6 Thermal Conductivity series device consist of two matched elements which are used for the detection of gases in 0 – 100% by volume concentration
The elements operate on the thermal conductivity principle. The sensing element is open to the atmosphere under test and the reference element is supplied sealed in reference air. The response of the devices is dependent upon the difference between the thermal conductivity of the atmosphere under test and the reference air. When the atmosphere under test has a thermal conductivity higher than the reference air, the sensing element loses more heat to the surroundings than the reference element. This increased heat loss causes a cooling of the sensing element and a subsequent reduction in the resistance of the sensing element compared to the reference element.
Note that when operating the sensor in a constant voltage mode the response will be non-linear to increasing concentrations of a gas.
The VQ6MB has the following unique characteristics:
Standard Pellistor Pair
Bridge power consumption is 0.75 watts
Sealed Compensator 
Solid Leads

  • Part Number:VQ6MB
  • Manufacturer:SGX Sensortech Limited
  • Status:Standard
  • Sensor Type:Thermal Conductivity
  • Type:Pellistor Pair
  • Supply Voltage:2
  • Supply Current:300
  • Certifications:None
  • Leads:Solid Wire
  • Can Type:Closed Compensator

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  • Can Type: Closed Compensator
  • Certifications: None
  • Leads: Solid Wire
  • Sensor Type: Thermal Conductivity
  • Supply Current (mA): 300
  • Supply Voltage (V): 2
  • Type: Pellistor Pair

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