• VRS General Purpose Serisi

Ürün Tanımı

General Purpose VRS sensors are designed for use in applications with medium to high speeds or in electrically noisy environments with relatively small air gaps.

  • Self-powered operation
  • Direct conversion of actuator speed to output frequency
  • Simple installation
  • No moving parts
  • Designed for use over a wide range of speeds
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of configurations
  • Customized VRS products for unique speed sensing applications
  • Housing diameters: 5/8 in (M16), 3/8 in (M12) mm, 1/4 in (M8), 10/32 in
  • Housing materials/styles: stainless steel threaded or smooth
  • Terminations: MS3106 connector, preleaded
  • Output voltages: 8 Vp-p to 40 Vp-p