Samtec’s Edge Rate® contact system is designed for high speed, high cycle applications. The surface of the Edge Rate® contact is milled creating a smooth mating surface area instead of a stamped contact that mates on a cut edge. This smooth mating surface reduces the wear tracks on the contact increasing the durability and cycle life of the contact system. It also lowers insertion and withdrawal forces allowing the connectors to be zippered when unmating. 

  • Edge Rate® contacts optimized for signal integrity performance
  • 1.5 mm contact wipe
  • Robust when "zippered" during unmating
  • Up to 56 Gbps PAM4 performance
  • 0.50 mm, 0.635 mm or 0.80 mm pitch systems
  • Stack heights from 5 mm to 18 mm
  • Extremely slim 2.5 mm body width on 0.635 mm pitch system
  • 0.50 mm pitch system for up to 40% PCB space savings vs 0.80 mm pitch system


  • Performance: Up to 14.5 GHz / 29 Gbps
  • Solutions for .062" (1.60 mm), and .093" (2.36 mm) thick cards
  • Choice of pitch: 0.50 mm, 0.635 mm, 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.27 mm, 2.00 mm
  • Vertical, right-angle, edge mount
  • Available in surface mount and through-hole


  • Performance: Up to 8.5 GHz / 17 Gbps
  • Increased insertion depth
  • Dual stage hot pluggable
  • Integral ground/power plane
  • Shielded option available
  • Power and RF ends options
  • Contacts: Up to 208 I/Os
  • Stack height: 10.00 mm - 16.00 mm


The Q Strip® connectors have surface mount signal contacts as well as a surface mount ground plane between the two rows of signals for improved electrical performance. Mated sets of the Q Strip® connectors are available in 8 different stack heights from 5 mm (.197") to 30 mm (1.180"). Options include guide posts for blind mate scenarios as well as alignment pins and locking clips for proper connector placement before reflow. 

  • Performance: Up to 14.0 GHz /28 Gbps
  • Integral ground/power plane
  • Connector to connector retention options
  • Vertical, perpendicular, and coplanar applications
  • Contacts: Up to 180 I/Os
  • Stack height: 5.00 mm - 25.00 mm


Samtec's SEARAY™ products are the industry's largest offering of high speed, high density open-pin-field arrays. They support 28+ Gbps applications and are also Final Inch® certified for Break Out Region trace routing recommendations to save designers time and money.

SEARAY™ Open-Pin-Field Arrays feature a .050" x .050" (1.27 mm x 1.27 mm) pitch grid for maximum grounding and routing flexibility. This system is available in stack heights from 7 mm to 40 mm with up to 560 Edge Rate® contacts. Vertical or right-angle arrays (SEAM/SEAF Series) and a mating high speed cable assembly (SEAC Series) are available as 50 Ω or 100 Ω solutions. High retention press-fit tails (SEAMP/SEAFP Series) and an 85 Ω tuned interconnect (SEAMI Series) offer greater system flexibility. Elevated board stacking up to 40 mm is achieved by Samtec's high speed, high density riser (SEAR Series).

  • Maximum routing and grounding flexibility
  • Lower insertion/extraction forces vs. typical array products
  • Performance up to 28 Gbps NRZ/56 Gbps PAM4
  • Up to 560 I/Os in an open-pin-field design
  • 1.27 mm (.050") pitch and space saving 0.80 mm pitch
  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact system
  • Can be "zippered" during mating/unmating
  • Solder charge terminations for ease of processing
  • Meets Extended Life Product™ (E.L.P.™) standards
  • 7 - 40 mm stack heights
  • Vertical, right-angle, press-fit
  • 85 Ω systems
  • VITA 47, VITA 57, Pismo 2 certified
  • IPC J-STD-001F, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies – Meets Class 3 Acceptability Criteria for High Performance/Harsh Environment
  • Electronic Products (SEAM/SEAF Series only)
  • IPC-A-610F, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies – Meets Class 3 Acceptability Criteria for High Performance/Harsh Environment Electronic Products (SEAM/SEAF Series only)