The ExaMAX® contact system achieves two reliable points of contact at all times and minimizes residual stub for improved signal integrity performance, while providing low mating force and excellent contact normal force. Signal wafers incorporate a one-piece, embossed ground structure which improves crosstalk performance.

Traditional backplane and direct-mate orthogonal available with backplane cable and coplanar versions in development.

56 G

  • Enables 56 Gbps electrical performance on 2.00 mm column pitch
  • Meets industry specifications such as PCI Express®, Intel OPI abd UPI, SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel, Infini Band and Ethernet
  • Meets and exceeds OIF CEI-28G-LR specification for 28 Gbps standards
  • Direct-mate orthogonal eliminates the need for a backplane/midplane and shortens the signal path for improved sgnal integrity
  • Allows designers to optimize density or minimize board layer count
  • Samtec Teraspeed Consulting
    • Experts in design, optimization, and evaluation of high speed backplane systems
  • Offerings:
    • Traditional Backplane
    • Backplane Cable
    • Direct-mate orthogonal
    • Coplanar


  • Two reliable points of contact
    • Even when subjected to angled mating
  • Meets Telecordia GR-1217 CORE specification
  • 2.4 mm mating surface area (contact wipe)
  • Minimizes residual stub
  • Clear separation between contact points
  • Lowest mating force on the market
  • Excellent contact normal force


  • Individual signal wafers
    • Staggered, differential pair design
    • 24-72 pairs
  • Ground Plane
    • One-piece, embossed ground structure
    • Increased isolation significantly reduces crosstalk
    • Ground signal placement engineered for 92Ω impedance
      • Addresses both 85 and 100Ω applications
    • Balanced differential pairs are arranged in columns with zero skew


  • Fully protected terminals on both backplane and daughtercard connectors ensure stub-free mating
  • Hermaphroditic mating interface provides reliable mating, protects pins


  • Mating force: 0.36 N max per contact
  • Unmating force: 0.12 N min per contact
  • Current rating: 0.5 A per signal contact
    • 0 < 30 ᵒC temp rise above ambient
  • -55 ᵒC to +85 ᵒC operating temperature
  • Press-fit termination
  • Discrete or integrated guidance, keying and power modules available
  • Manufacturing friendly 0.36 mm PTH for signals and 0.50 mm for grounds


XCede® HD combines a small form factor with incredible design flexibility for significant board and system space savings. The system’s modularity gives designers the opportunity to create a fully custom backplane solution with optional power modules, guidance & keying, and side walls for increased durability. Featuring a staggered differential pin design, the ground pins mate first for hot-plugging to help prevent system downtime.


XCede® HD consists of signal, power and keying/guidance modules for incredible design flexibility. The modules can be customized in any configuration to meet specific application requirements.

How to build a full solution:

  • Right-angle modules can be built into a single customizable BSP part. Build a BSP part by combining any number, in any configuration, of HDTFs, power and keying/guidance modules to create one receptacle.
  • Header modules mount to the backplane individually, in any configuration of HDTM and HPTS parts.
  • Contact HSBP@samtec.com for more information about building a full XCede® HD solution.

  • Up to 84 differential pairs per linear inch
  • 1.80 mm column pitch
  • 3-, 4- and 6-pair designs
  • 4, 6 or 8 columns
  • 12 - 48 pairs
  • Up to a 3.00 mm contact wipe on signal pins
  • Multiple signal/ground pin staging options
  • Integrated power, guidance, keying and side wall options available
  • 85 Ω and 100 Ω options
  • Three levels of sequencing enable hot plugging
  • Cost-effective designs available for low-speed applications